Jeff Coulson:  For the Love of Lacrosse

Jeff Coulson: For the Love of Lacrosse

Since his early arrival at Ohio Wesleyan as an athlete, ready to play and not knowing what to expect, to his current time helping high school athletes find their perfect college and athletic program, Jeff Coulson ‘71 has been spreading his love for lacrosse with those around him.

Coulson played lacrosse all four years at Ohio Wesleyan. Among the team, he found a community he loved and was not ready to part with when his collegiate days were finished, which has led to more than 30 years of playing and coaching lacrosse.

After graduating, Coulson coached high school lacrosse in Massachusetts. When the team he coached did not have any nearby competition, Coulson created the Franklin County Lacrosse Association to kickstart lacrosse in the county.

In 1995 Coulson created Indoor Action Sports (IAS). The program, housed in the indoor facility that Coulson was in charge of creating, was created to give winter playing opportunities to athletes who cannot play outdoors in snow or cold weather. IAS has expanded to include lacrosse, soccer, softball, baseball, golf, ultimate sports, club field hockey, and football. Programs are available to all ages. While serving as president of the company and director of IAS lacrosse, Coulson continues to coach boys lacrosse teams.

As a means of assisting prospective college athletes, in 2005, Coulson made a recruiting step by creating “The Coaches’ Eye,” a means for high school athletes to showcase themselves to college coaches.

Coulson created the Sports for Life Foundation, serves as current director of lacrosse for Legacy Global Sports, continues to play in lacrosse leagues, and still plays for the Ohio Wesleyan Lacrosse Legends team.

In 2014, Coulson was awarded the Robert M. Strimer Honor Award for his work and achievements within the field of athletics.